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because the grass doesn't need to be greener on the other side

Weekly Mowing

Lawn cutting includes a professionally mowed lawn, trimming along the edges, and blowing sidewalks and driveways.

$35/weekly mowing
*based on an average 2000sq ft lawn (GST not incl.)

$45/Bi-weekly mowing*based on an average 2000sq ft lawn (GST not incl.)

Lawn Fertilizer Applications

Keep your lawn looking great year round with Fertilizing. Our commercial grade 18-18-18 fertilizer helps promote strong healthy roots while at the same time adding nitrogen to help green it up!

$40/application *based on an average 2000sq ft lawn (GST not incl.)

Aeration and Lime

Aerating helps your lawn prepare for winter in the fall and to wake up from winter in the spring. Our soil in North Langley has a lot of clay in it, which makes it very difficult to develop strong grass roots. Aeration helps to allow the water, air and nutrients to reach down to the grass roots to help provide a healthy lawn.

Applying lime improves the soil pH.



$30/Liming Application


*based on an average 2000sq ft lawn (GST not incl.)

Moss Control Application

Every spring we notice that moss has taken over our lawns. The moss grows when we have a wet and warm winter. Our moss control application will kill the existing moss to make it much easier for you to rake out on a dry day. If you leave the moss in your lawn, it can eventually take over and choke out your existing grass.


*based on an average 2000sq ft lawn (GST not incl.)

Other Services

These Services we typically do during the months of November - February Leaf Clean ups - Blowing out garden beds, hard surfaces and lawns. Hedge/Shrub Trimming - Keep your hedges/shrubs looking great and prepared for the spring and summer weather. (we do not trim anything over 10 ft high)

All of these services we charge
$75/hour (GST not incl.)



Lawn Treatment Packages
Complete Monthly Lawn Care


Grassboys Lawn Maintenance cares for lawns in the Walnut Grove, Willoughby and Fort Langley areas of Langley. GrassBoys owner and principal operator Josh Peters has lived and worked in Walnut Grove since 1997



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