Water-Smart Lawn Care

Tips to have the blades of glory you want without wasting water

Across Canada, the state of one’s lawn is fast becoming tantamount to a public political treatise on one’s stance on “Issues Environmental.” We’ve all seen grass that looks suspiciously lush, low-cropped and weed-free—and I hope that we all shudder, wag our fingers and shake our heads; but by the same token, the opposite extreme—a neglected, weedy, disease-ridden lawn is equally wince-inducing. Surely there has to be a happy medium.

Here are ways to reduce water use yet keep your lawn lush.

  • Dethatch and aerate your lawn every year to make it easier for water to reach the turfgrass root zone.
  • To hell with Kentucky bluegrass! Overseed with one of the new drought-tolerant fescue turf mixes, such as Enviro-Turf or Eco-lawn.
  • Turfgrass only needs 2.5 centimetres of water per week to remain green and healthy; overwatering can lead to disease. For heavy soil, irrigate only once per week; sandy soil, twice.


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CanadianGardening.com Jun 1 2013